Design by Caoimhe Doyle. 

Design by Caoimhe Doyle. 

Text and sound performance for Freud in Blackpool seminar in Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, U.K. November 2013 - with the Mouth collective, an 'actionist art project in divinonomics'.  

The performance took place amongst Freudian funfair-food, including sticks of rock and 'pubic hair' candyfloss. The above text, based on a childhood experience at a funfair, wrapped the sticks of rock.  

The event also included a text by Scott Wilson, and documentation on the performance as well as further information on Mouth can be found here - Blackpool After Freud. This project also involved Edia Connolle, Petra Jackson, Kathy Tynan, Caoimhe Doyle, Caroline Campbell and Niall R. Scott. 

The seminar took place around an exhibition by  artist Zoe Beloff, 'DREAMLAND:The Coney Island Amateur Psychoanalytic Society and the Blackpool Chapter’ and further information on the event and exhibition can be found here and here

The song performed for the seminar was an alternate version of My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock by George Formby.