Note - this website is being changed to a new platform shortly, in the meantime all recent work (2016-2017) is stored in 'News' section. 

Suzanne Walsh is an artist, writer and musician originally from Wexford, currently based in Dublin. 

Her work is cross-disciplinary, with crossovers between the literary, music, and art world. Writing forms one strand part of the practice, both in the form of essays and fiction but also interventions and spoken-word performances in a gallery/lecture-hall context. She has a background in acting and theatre which she utilises within performances.  

Music/sound forms the other strand of her practice, from singing and instrumentation to improvisation and experimentation with performances and recording. 

Drawing and installation is also used occasionally. 

Recent interests in research involve language, the outer limits of what is the 'self', human/animal divide, notions of poetic/fictional truth, rewilding. 

Suzanne also has an editorial practice, including the magazine Critical Bastards.  




Critical Bastards Magazine



Documentation - due to the nature of my work, I often recieve photographs and video/recordings, sometimes long after the event. I've done my best to credit everyone for footage, but if I've made any mistakes or if anyone sees an image I cannot trace, please get in contact. If anyone further needs a credit for any part in an event I've taken part in also please let me know. Also if you have any further documentation I am unaware of please do get in touch.