Graduated from Fine Art (sculpture) degree (Joint Course, Art History) National College of Art and Design, Dublin, June 2011

'Art in the Contemporary World' Masters in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin 2012-2013.



Fire Station Studios Artists Studios/ADI Mentoring Programme - mentoring and studio in Fire Station Studios, Dublin. 

Arts Council - Travel and Training.

The Artists Village - WARP, Bruges, Belgium, August. 


Residency award Fire Station Studios, commencing January 2017. 



Performance of lecture All the Beast, for Zoología Fantástica group show, curated by Sabina MacMahon, Solstice Art Centre, Navan, Feb 1. 

Performance of Lazarus Lingua for 'An Urgent Enquiry' research group in Garrett Phelan's THE HIDE SCULPTURE, Balleally Landfill Site, 26th January. 


ROSC50 Research Commissions Seminar, presentation of collaborative work Inflammatory Speech with Christodoulos Makris and Nathan O'Donnell, IMMA, November 11.  

Lost State, audio/text and performance in show with Hugh McCabe, Draoicht Art Centre, 19th October. 

Culture night audio performance, 22nd September,in Model Niland, Sligo. 

Showing of films in IMMA, Dublin, for Vivienne Dick's show 93% Stardust, opening 15th June, appearance and music for two of her works (e.g. Moon Rising, The Irreducible Difference of the Other). 

Score publication in Sustain Decay book, out 19th of June on VoidPoint Press, with Hissen sound group. 

Talk and showing of 'The Land Where Nothing is', in Thomas McDonagh Centre, Cloughjordan, Tipperary, April 28th. 

Performance at Poetry Now at Mountains to Sea Book Festival, Dunleary Library, with Gorse journal, March 24. 



A Different Republic - group show with Fire Station Studios/ADI, The Lab, November 17th. 

Refining the Senses, performance with Atoosa Pour Housseni, Filmbase, Dublin, October 22nd. 

Infra, Basic Space, Eight Gallery, Dublin, September 15. 

Commissioned text by Fingal County Council for Resort residency in Portrane, published on poster September 6th. 

Performative reading for Ciaran Smyth at closing event for E.gress, film by Marie Brett, Irish Museum Modern Art, July 14. 

Sound performance at New Lacanian School International Congress, Dublin Castle, July 2nd

Listen Hissen Hessin, performance with Hissen sound group, Irish Museum Modern Art, as part of Carol Rama show, June 22nd.  

Sound/text performance at Phonica 3, poetry/music event, 15 June. 

Performance with Gorse literary journal for International Festival of Literature,  May 27.

Performance with Hissen sound group, Lexicon, Dun Laoghaire, as part of Ben Readman exhibition Circadian, 28 April. 

Performances (music and lecture) at Proposition - An Art of Ethics Symposium in the Burren College of Art, March 11.


Performance in Ophelia Expo in Harlebeke, Flanders, Belgium, July 3rd, curated by Jonas Vansteenkiste.

Text as part of video (collaborative work) TOOLLAND ROLAND JOHANN BRENDA MARTIN PHILIP PUCK NICO & YOU BOOK LAUNCH, Karina Beumer, Sint Lucas, Antwerpen (BE)June 28th, curated by Karolien Chromiak, Dennis Ramaekers and Liesje de Laet.

The Artists, curated by Stanislaw Welbel, Galerie Zacheta, Warsaw, June 20.

Upcoming - performing in Vivienne Dick film Red Moon Rising, filming May 2015 -release later in the year. 

All the Beast performance at Overstock performative lecture curated by Jennie Taylor in MART, Dublin, April 29th.

Platform, group show curated by Stef Van Bellingen (WARP), Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin, April 10.  


Foaming at the Mouth, spoken word event, curated by Tracy Hanna and Emer Lynch, August 13, Stags Head, Dublin. 

Stone Soup,  group show with Basic Space and Ormston House, July, Limerick. 


Blackpool After Freud – performance and text with Mouth, in Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, U.K., as part of symposium in relation to Zoe Beloff exhibition, 2nd November.

The Limit of the Object - performance and imagery for Lacan and Contemporary Art seminar, Ncad, 9th March.

Space of Appearance – event and exhibition with 'Art in the Contemporary World' and Vaari Claffey, The Joinery, 7th February.


Lines of Drift - sound performance for Culture Night in Ncad Gallery, curated by Anne Kelly, 21st September.

Writer in Residence, representing Critical Bastards for Mary Conlon’s show in Ormston House as part of 6 Memos series, 12th-29th July, Limerick.

This Time Tomorrow I Sang three day solo show, sound installation/performance 28th to 30th June, the Joinery, Arbourhill.

Prelude to Nothing, sound performance as part of show curated by David Fagan, 29th of April, The Lab, Foley Street Dublin.

Selected Stories, Live score performed to film The Poorhouse Revisited  by Michael Higgins, as well as written score for longer edit exhibited, Jan 18, The Joinery Gallery, Dublin, curated by Tadgh O’Sullivan.


Live@8 Dublin, Exchange Temple Bar, sound performance, curated by Aine Philips and Vivienne Dick, 9th December.

Workshop and performance with Karlheinz Essel, with Dublin Soundlab, in Project Art Centre Dublin, October 22nd.

Radical Love II, performative sound paper on the work of Antonin Artaud, event curated by Joseph Noonan Ganley and Sam Keogh, September 13th-15th

Live@8 The Guesthouse, Cork, curated by Aine Philips, September 9th

Live @8, Trades Club Sligo, sound performance, show curated by Vivienne Dick, August 5th

Fine Art Graduate Show in National College of Art and Design, Thomas Street Dublin, June 13

The Open II – Sound Performance at art event Live@8, Bar 8 in Galway 30th of March.


The Open I – Halfway There, Basic Space, Dublin, December 17.

Performance with E+S=B as part of Colin Crotty’s Gemeingeist, November 4, Goethe Institut, Dublin.

Performance at 161010 Video/sound event, The Joinery, 16th October.

The Sun and All its Eyes - paper and performance for Radical Love conference, August 21.

Experimental music performance with Aine O’Dwyer at Transient Constellations, 19th August, The Others, London.

A Word Against the Place - part of 474m2 3rd Year Sculpture exhibition, April 22nd, King’s Inn Street, Dublin.


Experimental Music Performance at Elephant in the Room exhibition, IMOCA, August, Dublin.


The Roaming Edges,'Response to a Request' project run by Rebecca O'Dwyer 2017.  

Writing on Denis McNulty's show 'I'm Getting Parts', Circa 2017.

Resort Revelations, article for VAI newsletter, Jan/Feb issue 2016.

Writing on Maria McKinney's Sire exhibition at the RHA Gallery, Circa, 2016.

Who Will Silence Them at Last?, commissioned prose piece for Resort Revelations residency program, Fingal County Council 2016.  

The Skin Between us, art writing (on Alice Maher), Fallowmedia 2016.

In the Bird Temple, short story, Critical Bastards Issue 12 2016

All Stops to the Point, essay, Fallowmedia 2015.

Symptoms of the Subterranean - essay in Issue 4 of Gorse journal - September 2015.

Creatures of Habitat, piece of art-wrting in Colony magazine Issue 3 

Editing, writing and illustration for Issue 11 and upcoming 12 of Critical Bastards

'The Last of our Kind' published on Visual Verse website, October. 

Essay for publication on Fix Festival, Catalyst Gallery, Belfast (will be published in 2015).

Edited audio issue 10 Critical Bastards September 2013.

Article in Cult magazine, Autumn edition 2013.

Editor for Issues 9 and 10 Critical Bastards magazine.

Articles in Issues 4-9 Critical Bastards magazine. 

The Sun and All its Eyes, an essay for Radical Love I seminar 2010.

A Load of Blather, three essays on folklore included in this publication published by Nonsuch printing press 2008.

Recent Soundwork

Folly From This - Improvised musical performance based around Beckett poem 'What is the Word' with Dao, Centre For Creative Practices, Dublin, April 1, 2014. 

Brian Conniffe, Suzanne Walsh, Diarmuid MacDiarmada - vinyl ep release on Lumberton Trading company (2013)

Sound contribution for Vivienne Dick film - The Irreducible Difference of the Other (2013).  Shown in Irish Institute in Paris (2013) and ICA London (2014), Darklight Festival Dublin (2014).

Vocal contributions for Ku, Shroud of the Morrigan video game, Bitsmith Games, 2012.