The Artists is an annual musical festival curated by Stanislaw Welbel in association with Galerie Zacheta in Warsaw, Poland. The event invites visual artists who are also musicians to take part in the festival in different iterations. The festival took place in the Amfiteatr Park Sowinskiego. This event took place in June 2015. 

UPDATE (April 2016) - An album is currently being professionally mixed and mastered from this concert, and will feature one track from each participating artist. The album will be released from a Galerie Zacheta website at a later date this year. 

'This is dedicated to music and sound projects and the visual arts, but taken outside the gallery’s interior space. The third international edition of the festival includes a wide array of on-stage expression, ranging from punk, pop and rock, through folk to electronic, experimental, and noise music.'

For my contribution I worked with musician Patrick Kelleher to create a set of music that utilised beats, keyboards, samplers and effects and singing. The set also included both researched and field recordings of animals sounds, sounds from space and processed machine recordings. 

For more information on the event and line-up read here