Critical Bastards

Writing in 4-9 issues Critical Bastards magazine, a small Irish/Northern Irish art criticism publication. All issues (1-10) available for downloading here, or else click on text under each cover image below, for link to individual issues. 


Also involved as an editor on the magazine, editing in particular on Issue 9 and 10, which appeared in an audio format. Have put together a new editorial and layout team for Issue 11, currently in compilation. The magazine was started by Iain Griffin and others in Belfast, and continues to maintain a connection to both.  Critical Bastards is a continued experiment in critical writing, involving many writers and artists, and manifests in a 'fanzine' style. 

The magazine has published writings from writers in the past including Ben Woodard, Francis Halsall, Rebecca O'Dwyer, Michaele Cutaya, and many others in the art and art-writing community. 


Other writings

Essay on the work of Roisin Mcnamee (available soon on website).

Essay in forthcoming publication for Catalyst Gallery Belfast, on Fix Festival 2013.

Article in Issue of Cult magazine autumn issue 2013 (on an 'overrated' novel).  

The Sun and All its Eyes - paper for Radical Love conference, 2010 available as part of magazine here

Will be uploading some further writings from recent Masters - Art in the Contemporary World (2012-2013) when finished editing, including research based around poetic infectious forces, wolves, and rewilding. This research involved discourse around recent reintroduction projects with wildlife, on both pragmatic and poetic levels.  Further connections/collaborations with this field are welcome. 

Always welcome also to invitations to write about projects and artists where it is an appropriate fit.